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Magical Moments

"My magical momets translated into designs. I hope these designs last you a lifetime and inpsire you to live a full enriched life" - Lorna x

The Scarf Of Courage

The Scarf Of Courage

The House Of LEAF

The Scarf Of Courage

This scarf represents Courage. The tiger represents strength and protection and the leaf represents the importance of being vulnerable. In order to be fully yourself, one must be able to fully allow themselves to feel deep into the depths of their soul. In order to allow yourself to travel to these depths, we need to feel protected and safe enough to express ourselves and fragile enough to feel the depths of our being. Wearing this design I wish for this to be your reminder to have the courage to be fiercely protective of your vulnerablity and your emotions in order to be unequivocally YOU. No one can feel the depths you can and to share and express this within the world is how we all live and find our purpose in life. Let your light shine. Courage is the energy of this scarf . Love Lorna x

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The House Of Leaf

Is a sustainably sourced collection of products designed by creator Lorna Finnegan. Inspired by her fashion design training in Milan, her passion for people and how they experience the world has led to her desire to design collections that are steeped in whimsy and curiosity. That, once experienced, become more than what they are perceived to be, in a very individual way.