About L.E.A.F- Handmade Irish Luxury Silk Scarves

The Designer

Lorna Esther Angel Finnegan

Lorna Esther Angel Finnegan born and raised in Dublin’s leafy suburbs, has worked in the fashion and design sector since the age of 16. Going onto graduate from one of Milan’s top fashion design colleges I.M.B in 2010. From here Lorna spent many years working closely alongside top fashion designers both in Ireland and abroad where she gained invaluable training and insight into the fashion design industry. Lorna’s passion in life since a young girl was to create designs that uplift and inspire, that go far beyond the surface, that have depth, meaning and that connect emotionally with people. In 2016 Lorna’s vision began to come alive when she established L.E.A.F. A brand that produces Irish handmade luxury silk scarves. Where art, quotes, stories and poems are entwined into each thread in order to produce a scarf that transcends into an experience for the wearer. View the first collection here

The Intention Of L.E.A.F

Behind the scarf

L.E.A.F’s intention as a brand is to create collections filled with meaning, beauty, depth and substance that are made to the highest quality using both ethical and sustainable methods. Designing each scarf from a mindful centered place is a key element of L.E.A.F, believing that what is created from this place allows the intended message to translate into each design in its purest form. Our aim as a brand is to connect emotionally with our customers and take them on the journey which lead to the creation of their scarf.

Choosing to use the latest technology in digital printing allows us to produce the highest quality of color and finish while lowering our impact on the environment compared to other traditional silk printing methods. Our aim as a brand is to continue to grow in sustainability and we are constantly researching new technology that can allow us achieve the highest quality of colour and finish while continuing to lower our impact on the environment. Designing our scarves in Ireland and manufacturing them in the UK ensures each scarf is ethically made. A core fundamental belief of L.E.A.F is that all workers should be cared for and treated with respect. Having transparency in our brand is of the up most importance to us here at L.E.A.F and we aim to constantly work extremely close with our manufacturers in the UK to ensure those core value of ours is being met.

The Making Of The Scarf

The craft

The essence of L.E.A.F, the root if you will, the magic behind the scarf. We begin by setting the intention for the collection. Once the intention is set hours upon hours of mindfulness silence is required in order to allow each scarf the time and space to unfold its message through the beauty of art and the depth contained within a simple quote.

Once the design process has been completed we begin the artwork. Using illustrater as our canvas each design is carefully hand drawn by the designer and the colours used in the scarf are perfected at this stage. After the artwork has been finalized each scarf is digitally printed onto the most luxurious 100% silk twill.This is where the art of a L.E.A.F scarf truly comes to life. The scarves are then sent to the atelier where each scarf is finished by hand using the ancient old tradition of hand rolled hemming.

The scarf is then carefully packaged into its gift box where it lays beneath the envelope containing the story of the scarf and the poem of the collection to fully complete the experience that is a L.E.A.F scarf. When unwrapped and worn the owner does not just wear the beauty contained within the scarf they also wear the power behind the art and words contained within the scarf.

lornaBehind the Scarf