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Welcome to The People section, where we sit down with people to learn and be inspired. Whether it be from their stories, beliefs , theories, talents, passion or life experiences. We hear how others see the world, we step outside of our own ideas and open ourselves up to the experiences of other.
 We begin with the magical pair of a grander time behind Swan Tribune. One a writer and the other a collector. They have traveled far and wide collecting precious antique treasures and the luggage labels of those who stayed before them while documenting each journey allowing us  a glimpse into their fascinating world. We sit down with Swan Tribune over a coffee to ask a few short but sweet questions, to find out what they have learnt on their travels and the places that inspire them the most.

On your travels what were the places the brought healing, power and excitement ?

Simply put, healing would be Italy, power Himalayas and excitement New York and  LA

A place that will always be in your heart and why?

Dharamsala India because that’s where things began. Early memories that are still milky and I have a subtle obsession with needing to make them clear one day – Divya

What travel means to you?

To never expect and just surrender

What you have gained from traveling ?

Memories, enviable but priceless wonderful possessions

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