" For the daydreamers, may your feet never touch the ground"-


The House of L.E.A.F

The House Of Leaf Is a sustainably sourced collection of products designed by creator Lorna Finnegan. Inspired by her fashion design training in Milan, her passion for people and how they experience the world has led to her desire to design collections that are steeped in whimsy and curiosity. That, once experienced, become more than what they are perceived to be, in a very individual way.

Our Story

Lorna has always been inquisitive and thoughtful. She wanted to
experience the world and live a life less ordinary and this led her
to move to Milan at the age of 18 to pursue a career in fashion
design under the tutelage of some of the best minds in Europe.
Her experiences in Milan honed her skills as a designer but also
exposed her to the sides of the industry that didn’t align with her
values and she kept this need for authenticity with her when she
set up the House of Leaf in 2016.
For Lorna, fashion and design is a way of translating your
thoughts, curiosities and daydreams into a visual and tangible
story that can connect with people. She wants people to pick
up a piece from her collection and feel the energy of the
“Ah ha” moment that inspired it. Her designs are intended to
complement and elevate the lives of those that see, touch and
own them.
“I want to push the boundaries on delivering the design concept
to the customer. Creating a whole experience around the
product, from the artwork to poems, quotes and storytellin

What We Do

The House Of Leaf is a door into the mind and the creative
energy of its founder, Lorna Finnegan. As children we were
masters at seeing the magic and the fascination of the world
around us and at The House of Leaf, we endeavour to bring that
perspective back.
We want to create a safe and playful space for people to feel,
be it joy, vulnerability, mischief, chaos, reflection… The House
Of Leaf is a movement towards expression and belonging and
each of our collections reflects that freedom and whimsy. Our
products will mean different things to different people and that
is the whole purpose. We want them to move beyond being
products and become an extension of yourself.

Our Core Values

Authenticity & Unconditional Love

This might sound ambitious but what’s wrong with that? If we were all brave enough to be our authentic selves, safe in the knowledge that we would be accepted unconditionally, what wouldn’t we have the courage to say, do, feel and wear! The House of Leaf follows its own path when it comes to the creative process and the development of memorable connections and we want you to be able to experience that when you engage with our brand but we also want you to take that emotion with you and interpret it and embrace it in your own way.

Our Core Values

Considered Collections

We take great care when designing pieces and concepts to ensure that they have a meaning deeper than their physical presence. The world is full of mysticism and whimsy and we try to embody our collections with that energy so that they remind you of past experiences, emotions, stories, images and so on, and make new
connections with your present and future. We want you to love your House of Leaf belongings
and see them as an extension of your personality, something you wear or use when you are feeling playful or vulnerable. Something you share to let someone know that you know them and this represents them in your eyes.