" For The Day dreamers, May your feet never touch the ground"

- Lorna Esther Angel Finnegan

The House of L.E.A.F


Founded by Lorna Esther Angel Finnegan (L.E.A.F) in 2016. Studying Fashion design in Milan at I.M.B, Lorna went on to workwithin the fashion industry working with fashion designers at home and abroad. Since her graduation collection at I.M.B, Lorna always wrote a quote alongside each design. Her intention always being to try and relay the emotions and inspiration behind the design to the wearer.

When releasing her own brand. Lorna's intention and belief was always the same since her days in college. For Lorna it was the story behind the design, the daydream that inspired the design that she wanted to recreate. The wonderful world of daydream where each design was seen.

Using art, quotes, storytelling and poetry L.E.A.F creates collections filled with meaning, beauty, depth and substance that are made to the highest quality using both ethical and sustainable methods. Lorna's intention is to re-create the dream and inspire others to enter their own daydream land. where we are lifted and inspired