The House Of LEAF

New Moon


100% Silk twill

120 x 120cm

Made In the UK

Hand Rolled Hemming

Quote- "When the cycle has been completed and a new day has dawned, where we start a fresh with new dreams and goals that require nurturing in order to manifest" - L.E.A.F
Ritual of cycle- This happens when the sun and moon come into alignment; when the yang (masculine) energy of the sun merges with the yin (feminine) essence of the moon. During this phase, the moon and the sun conjoin in the sky (align at the same degree astrologically). When this happens, energetically, it’s time to get still and plant new seeds of desire. During a new moon, it serves us to breathe new life into any area of stagnation or any place in your life where you would like to impact positive change.

Caring for your beautiful silk scarf. Store your item untied and ensure that your jewelry and accessories do not rub against it and risk snagging the threads. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning.

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