The House Of LEAF

Waxing Crescent Moon


100% Silk twill

90 x 90cm

Made In the UK

Hand Rolled Hemming

Quote "When the work is done one must surrender all allowing time to sit still and watch your dreams come true"- L.E.A.F
Ritual  of Cycle- The Waxing Cresent Moon This phase is all about building up the power in your manifest list. As the moon’s energy builds so will the power of your rituals. Focus your energy and say aloud your intentions for the lunar cycle. If your plans are centered around your fertility then this is the phase that will really influence your success manifesting. 

Caring for your beautiful silk scarf. Store your item untied and ensure that your jewelry and accessories do not rub against it and risk snagging the threads. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning.

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