The Story of L.E.A.F

Told By Story Teller Divya Zeiss
Somehow the essence of her craft was to repair the universe, that infinity within. To consume the nectar of the deities, she would bring the echo of her ego to a Firefly´s hush. And thus, she would be the immortal spirit of L.E.A.F.
A child of etiquette, she found herself amongst the botanical perfection of her world, Scarlet stars and wizard of imagination, She would bring faith to the glamour of magic again.
Her travels to far flung places, the nostalgia of childhood Moon sets and many afternoons on the veranda of a scintillating orient.
L.E.A.F watched defeat renders victory more dazzling and she learnt there was excellence in the death of failure, to reincarnate from it and draw her world within a frame of thread, accompanied with the small wonder of words.
The brands mystique is in the simplicity of joy, the pursuit for quality and the generosity of sharing. To worship the child within from which comes all creativity, to be the instrument and just remain obedient to the seasons and their changes.
The anatomy of a L.E.A.F is symbolically a structure of possibilities, our eternal journey together with Divine intervention belongs to the cycle of nature.
With L.E.A.F we soar beyond our individual horizon and return to the essentials. Sometimes as simple as a scarf.
lornaThe Story Of L.E.A.F